About UCN

Welcome to UCN!

UCN is an online music magazine featuring the latest news, charts, reviews and interviews. The magazine mainly focuses on country music, southern rock, Americana, roots, folk, and bluegrass.

What we do
UCN will follow the major stories in the music industry and also spotlight new and/or independent artists and songwriters. We do this through reviews, interviews, chart updates, and music industry news items.

What we don’t do? Any gossip stories, candid photos, polls about celebrity haircuts… There is a place for those stories. It is not UCN.

Your opinion matters
UCN welcomes debate and invites anyone to join in the discussion, either here or on our facebook page. If you don’t agree with a statement, argue back and make a better case. Honesty is valued above all else and UCN defends the right to freedom of expression. However, we have a zero-tolerance policy on non-inclusive language such as racism, sexism, ableism, and any other form of bigotry.

UCN is an independent website and is not generally accountable to advertisers, record companies or our colleagues and friends in the music industry. Opinions expressed in any article are solely those of the author. Critical reviews will be intended as constructive and are kept as objective as we can possibly manage.

Artists represented by Monkey Music PR will be treated favorably, but that is most probably because they are good (which is why MMPR agreed to represent them in the very first place).


Liv Carter – Nashville, TN – Managing Editor
Brittany Fisher – Memphis, TN – Writer
Sara Irvin – Johnstown, OH – Contributing writer
Adam James Deiboldt – Nashville, TN – Contributing writer


Copyright disclaimer

We are aware we do not own most of the images and video used on this website but do so in good faith and add appropriate attribution whenever we can. Any photos will be for illustrative purposes only and never meant to breach copyright law. However, if you own the rights to any material we use and you would like proper credit added or for it to be removed, please contact us and we will comply immediately with all DMCA takedown requests.