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Album Review: Off the Beaten Path – Justin Moore

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If you’re looking for profound lyrics and veiled song meanings, then this isn’t an album for you. Off the Beaten Path is what you see is what you get, take it or leave it. From what I know about Justin Moore, that attitude sums up who he is as well. This album certainly doesn’t try too hard, but that could also be its endearing quality.

It is chalk full of tunes about beer, hunting, hangovers, back roads, small towns and blue-eyed girls.  To quote the fourth album track, a beautiful duet with Miranda Lambert, when it comes to Justin Moore’s music and quite honestly country music in general, “old habits die hard.”

One thing I do love about this album is that it doesn’t follow the current country music trend of pesky hip hop undertones. However, there is one exception to that statement: Justin’s countrified version of ‘Baby Got Back.’

Yes, ‘I’d Want it to Be Yours’ is legitimately a song about asses – and I don’t mean donkeys. I have a difficult time getting on board with this one, as it name drops Kim Kardashian. Apparently the man likes big butts. Nothing wrong with that, I say.

Of course, Justin’s summer hit single ‘Point At You’ is a part of this album. It’s currently at number 15 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs and has spent 25 weeks as a part of that list. Let’s be frank, it deserves to be there.

‘That’s How I Know You Love Me’ tells the standard love story of country bad boy meets girl, girl loves country bad boy for who he is. It’s a slow song with no shortage of romantic electric guitar notes. It earns its place as one of my favorite tracks because it shows off Justin’s vocals and he’s one of the best male voices in country music.

Sure, Off the Beaten Path is overflowing with your typical country music subject matter. Sure, it’s as deep as a puddle, but this is an album for good ole boys and good ole girls. They want to open a beer, lean back, pop in that new Justin Moore and not have to think for a while. I suggest you do the same.