Attend a Cooking Class with Christian Kane

Attend a Cooking Class with Christian Kane

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Christian Kane Taste of Music

There seem to be very few creative outlets which country singer-songwriter Christian Kane does not know how to master. While I knew his guitar player (and incidentally also ridiculously talented songwriter), Steve Carlson is a trained chef, turns out Kane himself is a culinary connoisseur himself.

For the webseries Taste of Music, he shared his jalapeño and goat cheese stuffed grass-fed sirloin burger with caramelized onions recipe. Watch as he prepares the meal and gives some great cooking tips.

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  • Neely Firecracker

    I think Christian should have a part time cooking show. He was entertaining & the burgers looked delicious! I don’t cook often but I will try his receipe! I would loooove to attend a cooking class with him!

  • Tina

    A cooking class with Christian sounds great!! I always knew he was a very talented man and this video just confirms that he has other talents besides singing and acting!

  • Fran Baker

    I would love to see him have a cooking show. I made his goat cheese stuffed burgers and they are AWESOME!!

  • Mary Mancuso

    Seen the Episode, Made the Burgers, and Absolutely Adore Christian Kane If I ever got the chance to cook next to him I would probably be missing a few fingers I would be way to preoccupied watching those lips move every time he said something OMG !!!

  • Konny Kreisköther

    a cooking class with Christian Kane?Oh, I think I would rather concentrate on him instead of cooking :)A cooking class with him in Germany would be a dream

  • Gay Lynn Cole

    Thanks for sharing how great our man can cook.

  • Connie Shelor

    I would love Christian Kane to have his own cooking show and or class. I would watch. I would love to learn more cooking tips.Christian Kane is great at every thing he does. The man can do anything and every thing.Christian Kane is great!!!!!!