CD Review: Based on a True Story – DeeAnn Dominy

CD Review: Based on a True Story – DeeAnn Dominy

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Based on a True Story – DeeAnn Dominy

Just the other day someone made the comment that “everything out of Nashville sounds the same.” I told him to switch off the radio and listen to a bunch of albums I recommended. Among these sat Based on a True Story by DeeAnn Dominy.

The 6-track collection contains five self-penned tunes and closes with Tanya Tucker cover ‘Would You Lay with Me (in a Field of Stone).’ The fact that Dominy lists Tucker, along with Kid Rock, as a major influence is evidenced by her unaffected approach. She has a clear vision and that was simply to make the most honest, authentic record.

While Dominy’s weathered Melissa Etheridge-esque vocals are most certainly distinct, the biggest strength of the album is the masterful songwriting. The use of language is remarkable and makes this an accomplished effort.

‘Should I Run’ softly opens the album and invites the listener into the singer’s internal dialogue.  ‘Love a Good Love Song’ first bemoans romantic cliches – ‘I never used to care too much for a love song/dripping in sweetness/once in a lifetime/and on and on and on’ – before admitting falling in love changes one’s perspective on that. The importance of never losing hope is the central message of ‘I Still Believe’ and ‘When I’m with You’ adds a fragile love song to the mix.

Where Dominy really shows off her writing talent is on the tragic tale ‘Daddy Went to Prison.’ The imagery-soaked lyric demands the attention of all your senses and the set-up in the opening lines – Momma never smoked a cigarette til Daddy went to prison/now I’m counting the white circles coming off her lips/I watch her tip the bottle into the golden glass/stir the ice cubes ’round with her fingertips’ – is wonderfully paid off at the very end of the song.

Drawing from Dominy’s own experiences, this album is literally based on a true story. In handling real life exactly as it comes, it respects the stories and the listener. ‘Based on a True Story’ is a rich, deep, and mature album which will appeal to a wide country, rock, blues and roots audience looking for courageous, authentic and genre-less music to tell them honest stories of love and  life.

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