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Single Review: ‘Beat of the Music’ – Brett Eldredge

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Songwriters: Brett Eldredge, Ross Copperman, Heather Morgan

Due to industry machinations, Brett Eldredge was kept waiting in the wings for a long time as he endured the delay of the release of his debut album, Bring You Back. Previous single, ‘Don’t Ya,’ needed more than forty weeks but eventually reached #1. The follow-up is new single, ‘Beat of the Music,’ and I very much hope it emulates that success.

When your unusual song structure makes a song all about the chorus, it had better be solid. And it is. This song has an irresistible centerpiece, with the new couple “falling in love to the beat of the music.” The tempo is kept just a tad slower than usual for such a scene in a modern country song, but it allows Eldredge to deploy his soulful voice. Delays throughout the song further add to the laid-back late summer atmosphere. Eldredge and co-producer Copperman perfectly matched the music and the lyrics, without needing to compromise on radio-friendliness. While the lyrics make you picture the scene, the music makes you feel it, as it drifts along like a warm evening breeze.

Single choice and order was likely decided a long time ago, and the slow climb of ‘Don’t Ya’ now means that this ‘I met a woman in Mexico’-tune is hitting airwaves just as temperatures start to drop. But I don’t think that’s going to hamper its success in any way – what a great radio single!




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