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Single Review: ‘Better Dig Two’ – The Band Perry

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The Band Perry Better Dig Two single cover

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Songwriters: Trevor Rosen, Shane McAnally, Brandy Clark

‘I told you on the day we wed/I was gonna love you til I’s dead,’ Kimberly Perry reminds her love at the start of new The Band Perry single, ‘Better Dig Two.’ The statement sets up this dark and twisted tale of love and obsession.

The Band Perry has created a very modern, yet very rootsy, country sound and, having a versatile vocalist, the trio has been able to handle some dark material. Here, assuming the role of jealous and possessive wife, Perry grants her husband no independence, not even after death, as she sings ‘if you go before I do/gonna tell the gravedigger that he better dig two.’

The arrangement’s guitar accents add further heaviness to the song, with Kimberly’s clear voice and the plucky banjo melody stopping it from tumbling into total darkness. From just this one song, it is clear that producer Rick Rubin’s rock background and the siblings’ country heritage combine well to create a fresh, irresistible groove.

‘Better Dig Two’ shows the trio is not afraid of taking sonic risks and this makes their sophomore album, due out in 2013, even more eagerly anticipated.


  • Adam James

    I really love this song, I just wish they hadn’t put those damn rock guitars in the verses. It bothered my at the CMA’s and it bothers me here. They sound great in the chorus but they disrupt the vibe for me in the verses.

    I love that they do darker material and are actually successful with it. I think having a cute girl singing it makes a difference in terms of the delivery, but I’m glad they’re taking chances.