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Single Review: ‘Little Bit of Everything’ – Keith Urban

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Songwriters: Brett Warren, Brad Warren, Kevin Rudolf

Keith Urban has been working on his seventh studio album for Capitol Nashville and just before the summer season kicks off, he is releasing the project’s first single, ‘Little Bit of Everything,’ to country radio.

When Urban said via Twitter that the song “has a little bit of everything,” he wasn’t kidding. It has a laidback Luke Laird-style beat, very pleasant guitar and banjo lines, a great vocal performance, and some casual sexism.

In a recent discussion on the way women are portrayed in country music, I defended Keith Urban’s oeuvre saying the women in his songs are still treated as people; they are allowed to be whole individuals. No more. Witness the first verse – ‘I wanna cool chick that’ll cook for me / but’ll dance on the bar in her tan bare feet / and do what I want when I want / and she’ll do it with me.’  Insert your own ‘make me a sammich, woman’ reference here. Any and all instances of women being reminded that their place is in the kitchen, and to follow along after their man when he does whatever he wants to do, need to be called out. Loudly.

‘Little Bit of Everything’ sounds like a thinly-veiled attempt to copy much of what the new generation of country stars is doing. Urban has been in need of a sonic make-over for a while, but this is chasing a trend rather than developing his own new sound. While the song has a fantastic melody – which has long been a strong suit of the Warren Brothers – it is totally unbelievable coming from Keith Urban. A verse about how he doesn’t care about cars (*cough*) but wants to smoke a box of Cuban cigars and drink something strong (!) followed by a chorus proclaiming that ‘I just wanna sing a little chill song / get my groove on / pour something strong down in my drink,’ just sounds disingenuous.

This song sounds great, but its content is highly questionable and not of the quality that fits with Keith Urban’s career so far. We already have people aiming for the cool-chick-and-dudebro crowd with fun summer hits about drinking and singing chill songs with a groove. They’re called Florida Georgia Line.