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Single Review: ‘Oh Juliet’ – Joel Crouse

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Joel Crouse recently released the follow-up to his debut single ‘If You Want Some’, titled ‘Oh Juliet’. When I first heard the song title, I expected another ‘Love Story’ only from the guys perspective, rather than the girls, and in a since, that is what we get, but with a surprising twist to it. You can hear the longing and sorrow in Joel’s voice as he sings his priace of a beautiful young girl, Juliet. The sorrow, because he knows that if he gets too close to her, he will, undoubtedly break her heart.

Two lines in the song stand out to me: the first one being ‘you’re so beautiful and yet, I don’t have the heart to break your heart’, that line grabbed me on the first listen to. How many guys would truly say that?! And then there’s ‘oh Juliet, stay innocent’.

Joel has a great voice for both the party songs as well as the ballads. I look forward to hearing more from this young man!


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