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Single Review: ‘Slow Me Down’ – Sara Evans

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Songwriters: Marv Green, Heather Morgan, Jimmy Robbins

Sara Evans is finishing up hew new album and first single, ‘Slow Me Down,’ is at radio now.

Accompanied by sonic accents created by plucked strings, Evans lays it out right from the start – “don’t wanna leave but I might this time, seconds from whispering goodbye” – before delivering a ‘you’ll be sorry when I’m gone’ warning in the second verse. The chorus gives her paramour one last chance:

“If all that’s left to do is walk away
Then baby I’m as gone as yesterday
But if there’s something you still need to say
You need to say it now
Hurry up and slow me down”

While it starts off sounding very interesting, by the first chorus Evans’ voice is all but drowned out by drums and guitars. The second chorus drives up the melodrama by bringing in the strings in earnest, taking some of the song’s power away. By the partial repeat of the first verse and chorus, the arrangement goes off the rails as there is far too much going on. The song doesn’t quite know what it wants to be, and Evans’ strong-yet-pleading character is not reflected in the production.

All credit to Sara Evans’s vocal performance for pulling this song over the line.