Single Review: ‘You Gonna Fly’ – Keith Urban

Single Review: ‘You Gonna Fly’ – Keith Urban

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Songwriters: Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Jaren Johnston

With a simple ‘1-2-3’ at the start, ‘You Gonna Fly’ presents itself immediately as an irresistible toe-tapper. Keith Urban‘s new single has a story to tell but it aims to do so while you are dancing.

With easily accessible imagery, this poor boy romance drags you right to the side of that road where you watch the story play out. The guy encourages the girl to take a chance on a life with him, and it’s clear he is up for mischievous adventure – ‘Just like that you gotta brand new life/Hop in this truck and run through the red lights’. The reassurance and support offered to his partner make this a ‘true love’ love song.

Guitar and banjo abound on the track – banjo carries the song – turning this into just about the perfect pop-country song. And, as we have grown used to from Urban over the years, the vocal performance, full of delight, infuses the character in the song with so much confidence and joy he becomes irresistible.

At the time of its release, I singled out ‘You Gonna Fly’ as the best written track on the Get Closer album and I am thrilled for Preston and Chris from LoCash Cowboys that it was selected as a radio single (the song came up in our interview earlier this year). \

Onwards to #1!