Tracy Lawrence Receives Honorary Degree from Texarkana College

Tracy Lawrence Receives Honorary Degree from Texarkana College

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Tracy Lawrence returned home to receive an honorary Associates Degree in Music from Texarkana College.

From the press release:

Tracy Lawrence stopped by Texarkana College last week while on tour in his hometown to speak to a group of students including student organization members and scholarship winners.
During the visit, Lawrence was presented with an honorary Associate of Arts Degree with a concentration in music from Texarkana College by college President James Henry Russell and TC Board President Mike Sandefur.
The Tracy Lawrence Foundation has endowed several scholarships to area colleges including Texarkana College over the past fifteen years.

Lawrence continues to break new ground with his music. His current single “The Singer” continues to receive great reviews and climb the charts. In addition, FoxSports South picked Lawrence’s song “Saturday In The South” as the season anthem for it’s college football campaign reaching more than thirteen million viewers.