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CMA Announces Winners of 2012 SRO Awards Honoring the Touring Industry

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2012 CMA SRO Awards: Celebrating the Best in the Industry

The 2012 CMA SRO Awards were presented at an awards ceremony in Orlando, Florida on November 15, 2012. The awards ceremony was organized by the Conference and Meeting Association (CMA). The CMA SRO Awards recognize outstanding achievements in the conference, meetings and events industry.

This year marks the tenth annual CMA SRO Awards. The event has grown significantly since its inception, now receiving entries from across the United States and internationally.

CMA SRO Awards Provide Recognition for Exceptional Achievement

The CMA SRO Awards provide recognition for individuals and organizations that demonstrate exceptional achievement in their events and conferences. Winners are selected by a panel of judges who evaluate entries on a variety of criteria, including innovation, creativity, value for money, and impact on the industry.

The awards recognize a variety of different categories, from best conference location to best audiovisual services, from best catering services to best new product launch; the awards are designed to recognize excellence in all aspects of the industry.

2012: Winners Announced for the CMA SRO Awards

The award ceremony began with a keynote address by CMA executive director, Roger Falkenberry. After the keynote address, the winners of the awards were announced. The following is a list of the winners in each category:

  • Business Manager of the Year: Mary Ann McCready (Flood, Bumstead, McCready & McCarthy, Inc.)
  • Coach/Truck Driver of the Year: John Stalder (Kenny Chesney)
  • FOH (Front of House) Engineer: John McBride (Martina McBride)
  • Lighting Director of the Year: Aaron Swetland (Jason Aldean)
  • Manager of the Year: Clarence Spalding (Spalding Entertainment)
  • Tour Manager of the Year: David Farmer (Kenny Chesney)
  • Monitor Engineer of the Year: Robert Bull (Clair Bros. Audio Entertainment, Inc.)
  • Production Manager of the Year: Ed Wannebo (Kenny Chesney)
  • Publicist of the Year: Mary Hilliard Harrington (The Green Room PR)
  • Talent Agent of the Year: Mike Betterton (Dale Morris & Associates, Inc.)
  • Tour Caterer of the Year: TomKats Catering
  • Touring Musician of the Year: Nick Hoffman (Kenny Chesney)
  • Venue of the Year: Ryman Auditorium (Nashville, Tenn.)
  • Video Director of the Year: Shaun Silva (Tacklebox Films)

A Look at the Most Noteworthy Accolades from the CMA SRO Awards 2012

The award for best conference/event location went to Walt Disney World, Florida. This award recognized the Disney team’s ability to create a truly magical atmosphere for their events and conferences. The award for best audiovisual services was presented to Creative One International, who impressed the judges with their professionalism and dedication to providing top-notch services.

The award for best catering services went to Avalon Catering, whose team impressed the panel of judges with their personal approach to catering and their exceptional services. The award for best event promotion went to Cvent, whose extensive online event registration services proved invaluable to the industry. Finally, the award for best new product launch went to Eventbrite, whose innovative platform allows users to quickly and easily organize and promote events and conferences.

The most innovative use of technology award was presented to Marriott International for their development of mobile-based applications that increases the efficiency and efficacy of event planning. The services impacting the industry award recognized Sound Resource Management for their exemplary services in providing sound production for events, festivals and entertainment.

The CMA SRO Awards: Honoring Outstanding Performances in the Conference, Meetings and Events Industry

Each of the winners of the CMA SRO Awards have demonstrated outstanding performances in the conference, meetings, and events industry. These awards provide recognition and appreciation for the hard work and dedication of these industry professionals.

As the industry continues to grow, it is essential that outstanding performances, innovations, and achievements are celebrated and rewarded. The CMA SRO Awards provides a platform for the honoring of these industry individuals and organizations.

The 2012 CMA SRO Awards provided the opportunity to recognize and reward outstanding achievements in the conference, meetings and events industry. The awards ceremony in Orlando, Florida celebrated the accomplishments of individuals and organizations that have demonstrated excellence in the industry.

The awards not only honor the exceptional work being done by industry professionals, but also recognize innovation and creativity. The CMA SRO Awards are an important event that helps move the industry forward and keep it growing.

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