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Country Music Trend of 2013

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Though country music has been prevalent throughout American culture for decades, 2013 has brought on a wave of new trends, artists, and styles. Whether you’re a fan of country or just curious to know the latest developments in the genre, this article will explore the changes and fads within the country world that are heating up in this year.

A Look Back at 2013’s Top Country Music Trends

2013 has been a major year for country music, with an increased number of fans both in the US and abroad, as well as a great deal of artist growth and development. Among some of the biggest trends of the year that have been making waves in the genre are:

  • Experimental Arrangements: Music producers have been adding new styles and instruments like synths, strings, and horns and on tracks, giving the genre a fresh sound and new direction.
  • Increased Attention to Lyrics: Country music audiences now embrace artist whose write particulars, heartfelt lyrics that tell stories of life and love, making them more relatable and more in-demand by music fans.
  • Cross-over into Mainstream Music: Country crossover stars like Taylor Swift are making the genre more accessible to mainstream audiences than ever before, drawing in new fans and eyes with each passing week.

What’s Hot in Country Music This Year

As country music continues to evolve, new subgenres and stars are emerging, creating an even more diverse landscape of music. Some of the hottest new trends on the rise include:

  • Bro-Country: One of the most popular and emerging music trends of 2013, Bro-Country is characterized by rock-tinged lyrics that are often about partying and girl-chasing.
  • Americana: This traditional, folky music style has seen a resurgence in 2013, often blending the genre with folk and rock for a unique sound.
  • The Songwriter Movement: As mentioned above, country audiences have been increasingly drawn toward artists whose lyrics speak from the heart, giving it more meaning than ever before.

What Made Country Music Popular in 2013

Country music is more popular and has more fans than ever before due to a unique combination of elements. Some of the biggest and most influential factors in the genre’s increased popularity include:

  • Social Media: Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have been instrumental in connecting and engaging with country fans.
  • Touring: Country artists have been hitting the road and playing more shows than ever before, creating a loyal and devoted fan base in the process.
  • Cover Songs: Country stars have been increasingly covering songs from diverse genres such as classic rock, pop and more, often to great success.

The Emergence of Unexpected Country Music Subgenres

The country music of 2013 has seen the emergence of a wide array of unexpected and surprising subgenres. Some of the most exciting and interesting to emerge this year are:

  • Cinematic Country: This new sound fuses classic country with elements of movie soundtracks, making for a unique and haunting listening experience.
  • Soul Country: This is a hybrid of soul music and country music, often featuring country-inspired melodies, but with a soulful groove that resonates with audiences.
  • Outlaw Music: A combination of rock and honky tonk, this style has been popularized by artists such as Jamey Johnson and Nikki Lane in 2013.

How Country Music Evolved in 2013

The country genre has gone through numerous changes in 2013, making it an incredibly diverse and complicated sound. Most notably, the genre has seen an increased recognition of female and LGBT performers and songwriters, as well as more experimentation with production styles and genres. As a result, the genre has become more exciting than ever before, appealing to new audiences and creating a distinctly unique sound.

Country music has experienced a truly amazing 2013, transforming itself and gaining popularity in the process. With so many fascinating new styles, subgenres, and stars emerging, it’s safe to say that country music is here to stay. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s worth giving this genre a listen – you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

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