Taylor Swift has released her first ever single ‘Begin Again’ from her upcoming album ‘Red’. The track has been receiving a lot of positive attention from fans and critics alike due to its upbeat melody and inspiring lyrics. In this review we’ll take a closer look at the track to see what makes it so special.

Waylon Jennings – Tribute Album Volume 1 honors the memory and music of one of country music’s most influential rockabilly icons. Featuring new renditions of iconic hits like “Good Hearted Woman,” “Tales of the Allman Brothers Band” and “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys,” this tribute album celebrates Waylon Jennings with nine powerful renditions of some of his most beloved songs. Experience the timeless sound of the legend himself and discover a whole new appreciation for the King of Outlaw Country!

Take a cruise with Florida Georgia Line as you review the newest song “Cruise”. With soaring vocals, vibrant instrumentation and lively melodies, this song is sure to become a fan favorite. Join in on the fun and let your spirits cruise with this great new song from the hit country music duo.

The Whiskey Falls Band of London has been entertaining locals and visitors alike with their classic sound and unique style. With a sound that stays true to their country, classic rock and blues roots, Whiskey Falls infuses everything they do with energy and originality. Come out and experience their high-energy show for yourself!

The CMA SRO Awards for 2012 were recently announced, with the biggest and brightest stars of Country Music coming out on top. From the reigning Female Vocalist of the Year to the Entertainer of the Year, the SRO Awards celebrate and honor the best of Country Music. This year’s winners represent the cream of the crop for 2012.

The long-awaited album from country music star Bucky Covington, Good Guys, has finally launched! With deeply-rooted country, rock n’ roll, and blues all rolled into one, this album is sure to be a hit with all kinds of music lovers. From the heartfelt songwriting to the bluesy guitar riffs, it’s sure to be a staple in your music library!

Granger Smith’s album “Live at the Chicken” is a great ride for any country music fan. Filled with catchy guitar licks, great harmonies and thoughtful lyrics, the album features Smith’s unique songwriting with humor and light-hearted energy. With standout tracks like “I’m Just a Country Boy” and “Country Boy Lovin’,” Smith’s latest effort is sure to please both his current fans, and new ones to come.

Justin Moore, the star of mainstream country music, releases his music video for “Bait A Hook”, a country anthem about the pain of growing up without a father and how one man handles his life, his family, and his fishing trips. Check out this review video of this Justin Moore song and join us as he conquers his fears of disappointment from his dad and celebrates his independence from his origins.

The South By Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival is right around the corner and the first round of artists have been announced. Featuring a wide variety of musical acts, the lineup will include established names, local and up-and-coming talent. Be the first to get the update on whose playing and discover the best SXSW experience.

“You Gonna Fly” is a powerful and soul-stirring song by country music star Keith Urban. The song has an uplifting and inspirational message, encouraging listeners to leave their worries behind and shoot for the stars. This empowering country anthem makes us believe that with dedication, focus and belief in yourself, anything is possible. Be inspired to take a leap of faith with this memorable track from Keith Urban.