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Good Guys Album – Bucky Covington

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Since his appearance on American Idol in 2006, Bucky Covington has been the quintessential country music star. With his new album, “Good Guys”, Covington has outdone himself once again. Featuring solid tunes, talented musicianship and good old-fashioned country lyrics, this album has something for everyone. From stories of forbidden love and heartbreak to rebellious anthems and exuberant celebrations, this album is sure to captivate every listener.

Bucky Covington’s Good Guys Album: An Overview

Covington’s new album, “Good Guys”, features 11 track and spans a range of different styles. It opens with “Sometimes Life Ain’t Good” and ends with the poignant “Letting Go”, the perfect conclusion for such an album. Each song is delivered with passion and precision by Covington and his talented band of musicians. With soaring, heartfelt melodies, the album is sure to captivate both long-time fans and new listeners alike.

Exploring Bucky Covington and His ‘Good Guys’ Album

Since his success on American Idol, Bucky Covington has been busy creating his own unique brand of country music. His new album, “Good Guys”, is a testament to his passion and skill. From up-tempo sing-alongs like “Same Boat” to the more soulful “River”, this album has something for everyone. And the title track, “Good Guys”, is a wonderful tribute to the spirit of living.

Experience Country Music Magic with Bucky Covington’s Good Guys

For those looking to experience the magic of country music in its truest form, look no further than Bucky Covington’s “Good Guys”. Whether you’re looking for laid-back love songs or high-energy barn burners, Covington has something for everyone. With Rolling Stones of tracks like “Barracuda” and “Sometimes Life Ain’t Good”, “Good Guys” is sure to become a classic.

Bucky Covington Strikes Again With His New Album ‘Good Guys’

Bucky Covington proves once again his skill as a songwriter and performer with his newest album “Good Guys”. Combining classic country sounds with modern influences, Covington has crafted a true masterpiece. From the upbeat “She’s Got the Thang” to the heartfelt “Letting Go”, “Good Guys” is a great representation of the breadth of Covington’s talents.

An In-Depth Look at the Songs on Bucky Covington’s ‘Good Guys’ Album

The title track, “Good Guys”, serves as a rallying cry for the oppressed and a reminder to take life as it comes. With its rousing chorus and poignant lyrics, it’s sure to become an anthem for many.

“Barracuda” is a high-energy barnburner that’s sure to get you on your feet. With its catchy chorus and blazing guitar solo, it’s a great way to cut loose and have fun.

The poignant “River” is a heartfelt tribute to taking chances and never giving up. With its beautiful harmonies, it’s sure to be a classic for many years to come.

“Same Boat” is an up-tempo sing-along that celebrates the possibilities of getting out and living life. With its bouncy beat and infectious chorus, it’s sure to be a hit.

“Livin’ the Dream” is a heartfelt celebration of life’s possibilities and the beauty of finding your own way. With its gentle melody and uplifting chorus, it’s a great reminder that life can be good again.

“​She’s Got The Thang” is a lively tribute to finding the one that sets your soul on fire. With its toe-tapping beat and catchy chorus, it’s sure to fuel many a dance floor.

“Deja Vu” is a ballad reminiscent of times gone by. With its lush strings and yearning vocals, it’s sure to bea hit with classic country fans.

The classic-sounding “The Lucky One” is a celebration of perseverance in the face of change. With its catchy melody and memorable chorus, it’s sure to be a fan favorite.

The acoustically driven “Bless The Broken Road” is a powerful reminder of the path we all must take. With its gentle melody and poignant lyrics, it’s sure to resonate with all who hear it.

Finally, “Letting Go” is a tender and heartfelt ballad about the power of love. With its moving melody and evocative lyrics, it’s sure to move everyone who hears it.

Good Guys track listing:

  1. ‘I Wanna Be That Feeling’ (Jimmy Yeary, Ben Hayslip)
  2. ‘I’m Alright’ (Tom Douglas, Casey Beathard)
  3. ‘Hold A Woman’ (Blake Mevis, Tony Ramey, Gordon Bradberry)
  4. ‘Drinkin’ Side Of Country’ (Duet with Shooter Jennings)(Bucky Covington, Rocky Covington, Ducky Medlock)
  5. ‘Only Got So Much Time’ (Bob Di Piero, David Lee Murphy)
  6. ‘Mama Must Be Prayin’’ (Matt Nolen, Liz Hengber, Michael Logen)
  7. ‘Sail On’ (Lionel Richie)
  8. ‘I Always Said You’d Be Back’ (John Scott Sherrill, Dave Berg, Deanna Bryant)
  9. ‘Mexicoma’ (Lonnie Fowler, Logan Mize)
  10. ‘I Want My Life Back’ (Anthony Smith, Frank Myers)
  11. ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ (Chad Kroeger, Joey Moi, Ryan Peake)
  12. ‘A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How)’ (Elizabeth Hengber, Thom E Shepherd, Steven J Williams)

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Bucky Covington’s new album, “Good Guys”, is a testament to the power of country music. With its collection of catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics, it’s sure to please both long-time fans and new listeners. From toe-tapping barn burners to heartfelt ballads, “Good Guys” is sure to become a classic.

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